Student Life

Student Life

Support Services

Mid Valley College provides a comprehensive range of support services designed to help students succeed academically, personally, and socially. These services are crucial in ensuring that all students, regardless of their background or needs, have the tools and resources necessary to thrive during their time at the college. Here is an outline of the key support services offered by Mid Valley College:

1. Academic Advising and Tutoring Services:

  • Academic Advisors help students plan their courses, discuss career goals, and provide guidance on academic decisions.
  • Tutoring Services offer assistance in various subjects, ensuring students understand course material and perform well in their studies

2. Counseling and Mental Health Services:

  • Professional counselors offer confidential support for personal, social, or psychological issues.
  • Workshops and programs addressing stress management, anxiety, and other common concerns among students.

3. Career Services:

  • Assistance with resume writing, interview preparation, and job search strategies.
  • Networking events and career fairs that connect students with potential employers.
  • Career counseling and guidance to help students align their studies with their career aspirations.

4. Health Services:

  • On-campus medical facilities offering routine health care, emergency services, and referrals to specialists.
  • Health and wellness programs promoting a healthy lifestyle among students.

5. Disability Support Services:

  • Ensures that students with disabilities have equal access to all college programs and activities.

6. Student Life and Leadership Programs:

  • Encourages student engagement through clubs, organizations, and leadership development programs.
  • Opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and contribute to campus governance.

7. Learning Resource Center:

  • Access to books, academic journals, and digital resources to support students' coursework and research.
  • Study spaces and technology labs equipped with the latest software and tools.

These support services at Mid Valley College are integral to creating an environment where students from all regions and backgrounds—Himal, Pahad, and Terai—can succeed and feel supported throughout their educational journey. The college is committed to removing barriers and providing the necessary resources to ensure every student has the opportunity to achieve their full potential.