Student Life

Student Life

Extracurricular Activities

Mid Valley SS/College strongly emphasizes the importance of a well-rounded education, incorporating a rich variety of extracurricular activities that cater to diverse students interests. These activities not only enhance the college experience but also foster teamwork, leadership, and personal growth among students. Here’s a detailed look at some of the prominent extracurricular activities available at Mid Valley SS/College:

  1. Sports Programs:

    Basketball and Futsal: The college has vibrant basketball and futsal programs with facilities for both training and competition. These sports are popular among students, fostering a sense of community and school spirit. Regular tournaments and inter-college competitions are organized, offering students the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete at higher levels.

    Cricket and Volleyball: These sports have a massive following, and the college supports them with excellent coaching and facilities. Annual leagues are part of the college sports calendar, contributing significantly to student engagement.
    Table Teniss, Badminton and Chess: Engaging in sports as badminton and volleyball is crucial for students' holistic development, providing a myrid of physical, mental and social benefits. Mentally, the strategic and fast -paced nature of chess sharpens cognitive abilities, including quick decision - making and problem - solving skills.
  2. Fitness & Wellness:
    Yoga and Meditation Classes: These classes are designed to help students manage stress and lead a balanced life. They are particularly beneficial during exam periods, providing a much-needed outlet for relaxation.

  3. Arts & Culture:
    Arts & Craft Clubs: These clubs are incredibly popular, allowing students to explore their talents in various forms. This club offers students numerous benefits, fostering creativity, enhancing motor skills, and providing social and emotional environment. Regular performances and competitions make these clubs a central part of college life.Drama and Theater Group: This group provides a platform for students interested in acting and stage production. They perform plays and skits, often focusing on themes relevant to society and student life.

  4. Academic and Science Clubs:

    Debate Team: The debate team encourages critical thinking and public speaking skills, participating in national and international debate competitions.
    Science, IT and Robotic Club: This club offers students a wealth of opportunities to develop critical thinking, technical skills and a passion for innovation. This club provides hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology and scientific concepts, enhancing students' understanding of STEM subjects.
  5. Community Service and volunteering:

    Environmental Club: Focuses on sustainability initiatives like campus clean-ups and awareness campaigns about environmental issues.
    Social Outreach Programs: These programs involve students in community service projects, such as teaching underprivileged children, organizing health camps in rural areas, and more.

  6. Adventure and Outdoor Activities:

    Hiking and Trekking : Given Nepal’s rich landscapes, hikes and treks  are organized regularly, allowing students to explore nature and build endurance.

These extracurricular activities at Mid Valley SS/College not only provide enjoyment and a break from academics but also help students develop interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, and a sense of responsibility towards their community. The college encourages all students to engage in these activities, believing that they play a crucial role in shaping well-rounded individuals ready to face the professional world.