Law Stream

Law Stream


Mid Valley SS/College proudly offers an esteemed Law stream designed to develop well-rounded legal professionals. This program meticulously blends theoretical knowledge with practical application, covering essential areas of law such as Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Corporate Law, Legal Drafting and International Law. The curriculum is enriched with case studies, mock trials, and interactive classroom debates, which foster critical thinking, analytical skills, and legal argumentation prowess among students.


Our faculty is composed of seasoned legal practitioners and scholars who bring a wealth of experience to the classroom. Their expert guidance is pivotal as they mentor students through complex legal concepts and their applications in real-world scenarios. This hands-on approach ensures that our graduates are not only academically proficient but also ready to tackle legal challenges effectively.


Mid Valley SS/College is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of legal education and ethical values. Students benefit from guest lectures by distinguished lawyers, judges, and legal scholars, which provide insights into the practical aspects of the law and expand professional networking opportunities. With comprehensive resources such as a well-equipped law library and access to various legal databases, our students are exceptionally well-prepared to advance in their legal careers, contributing significantly to the field of law and justice.


First Year Courses

Comp. English
Comp. Nepali
Social Studies and Life Skills Education
Jurisprudence and Legal Theories
Constitutional Law
Procedural Law

Second Year Courses

Comp. English
Comp. Nepali
Social Studies and Life Skills Education
Civil and Criminal Law and Justice
Nepalese Legal System
Legal Drafting

Admission Requirements for the +2 Law Stream


Mid Valley SS/College invites prospective students to apply to our prestigious Law stream. Below are the necessary requirements for admission:


Academic Qualifications

  • Completion of Secondary Education: Applicants must have successfully completed the SEE (Secondary Education Examination) or its equivalent.

Application Form

  • Students need to acquire application form that can  directly be downloaded from our website or  should visit college for physical copy. Students must submit the application form filling all the necessary information demanded with supporting documents by the given deadline. 

Entrance Examination

  • Entrance test is mandatory. Applicants must appear in entrance test scheduled by Mid Valley SS/College to get admission. The test covers objective questions from English, Nepali, Mathematics and General Knowledge .

Result of Entrance Test

  • The result of entrance test will be published on the merit basis.


  • The successful candidates will be called for an interview and proper counselling will be done in the presence of parents/guardians.


  • The successful candidates shall be enrolled as a bonafide student of Mid Valley SS/College.  

Documentation Required

  • Grade Sheet of SEE or Its Equivalent 
  • Character Certificate 
  • Passport Size Photo